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A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life. 

- John Wooden



Program Director, Coach & Founder


This is a motto Coach Demonte Bynum not only lives by but also instills in the kids he inspires every day. 

Demonte has over 20 years of basketball experience. After playing competitive youth and high school basketball, through hard work & perseverance, he had the privilege of playing college and semi-pro basketball. At Clarke College in Iowa, Demonte had a long list of accomplishments. He was named the 2008 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Division II Men's Basketball second-team All-American and the 2007-08 Midwest Collegiate Conference Player of the Year. Bynum finished his college career ranked second on Clarke’s all-time scoring list with 1,740 points. He owns career marks in three-point field goals (305), assists (389), and free throw percentage (.803).

It is truly through basketball that Demonte found his calling. He is meant to influence, inspire, mentor, and save through the game of basketball. With experience coaching both boys and girls basketball, Coach Bynum has a unique way of peeling back the layers of every kid he coaches to know what really makes them tick. He knows how to help them identify their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. You can see the love and passion he has for coaching every time he steps foot on the court and his kids feel that. They become family on that court.

In 2019, after spending several years coaching both boys and girls, investing in players through Skills Training, and continuing to play basketball himself, Demonte followed one of his dreams of building his own program, and Pride Roc Basketball was born. 

“I enjoy seeing growth and improvement in the kids. I love inspiring. I know what that has done for me. I want be like a father-figure and be that person that young men can look up to on and off the court. Before you can be yourself, you need to see yourself!"

- Coach Bynum



Coach & Player Development

Coach Jordyn Robinson started playing basketball at 10 years old. He worked with Former WNBA player Jerica Watson. Having spent so much time around Coach Watson, he quickly developed an understanding and love for coaching, even more so than playing. Coach Robinson's coaching career began at the Club Sports level in College. He led that team to be the number 3 Defensive Team and number 4 Offensive Team in the region. 

Coach Robinson has a strong passion for developing young men through basketball. Through mentoring and coaching, he encourages players to trust the process and he firmly believes every athlete can reach their goals, as long as they have the right work ethic and attitude. 

On the basketball court, Coach Robinson teaches fundamentals, and footwork, and focuses on no wasted movements. He likes motion offenses and teaches pass and screen away offenses. He wants players to understand not to make movements for no reason. That every movement is a tool to more easily score the ball. He is hard on his athletes to instill discipline, hard work, dedication, and understanding of the game. 

"Stay focused, stay committed and you will succeed."

-Coach Robinson

Coach Dart.jpg


Coach & Player Development

Coach Dart has been a Coach, an Athletic director, and educator for over 30 years. He loves to teach, no matter the arena, and is committed to helping others and teaching them to be better. Dart has spent his entire adult life mentoring, teaching, coaching, and bringing others closer to God. Using competitive arenas to help people become stronger mentally, spiritually, and physically is his main goal and Coach Dart believes this is where the real winning happens. The greatest trophies to earn are the ones that last a lifetime and truly make others around us better. 

"I believe that as each athlete and parent get to know me they will see that even though I am strong, firm, and demanding, I am full of love compassion, and sincerity."

- Coach Dart

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